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I have 7 years of experience as an early-stage operator at B2B SaaS companies –– working across product management, product marketing and UX.


My startup mantra is “make new mistakes”.

Hey, I'm Ros


I want to find my people.

That’s what I told everyone 7 years ago when I moved from Sydney to San Francisco, without knowing a single person.


It wasn’t just the startup dream I was chasing. I wanted to be part of a dream team.


But when I had 1:1s with the founders I worked for, I kept hearing the same feedback. They believed my bar for being part of an exceptional team was too idealistic.

The thing is startup founders are often idealistic. Idealistic about the market. Idealistic about revenue goals. Idealistic about OKR targets (the irony is when it comes to those things I am a pragmatist!). 

But, there’s one thing I will never stop being idealistic about – team.

So many founders compromise on the single most important factor to their business. I’ve seen it happen first-hand at two early-stage B2B SaaS startups – seeing them grow from 10 - 100+ employees, post Series A.


I’ve been the first UX designer, first product manager, and first product marketer. And all the while I’ve fought for the best team possible.

After 7 years in the Bay Area, I took a sabbatical to rest and reflect. Now, as I gear up to return, my desire to find (and help build) a dream team is stronger than ever.

Here’s what I can promise:

  • I’m willing to work in any role for the right team

  • I’ll get shit done

  • I will always ask if we can do this better, or faster


In return, I'm looking for a company I can spend the next 10 years with. A group of people who:

  • Are always learning

  • Won't compromise on the bar for team

  • Want to build a ✨magical✨ product

I realize every company says they are the above – so I'd love to know more about the values, systems, and frameworks you have to actually work this way.

If you're building this kind of team, I'd love to connect – LFG.

– Ros

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