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👋🏽 Hey, I'm Ros

I’m an early-stage B2B startup operator, focused on enterprise companies. I’ve worked across both Product & GTM, and I’m focused on helping you position your startup where you can win. 

​I've been part of two Series A startups that went from 10 - 100+ people, and I've learned a great deal along the way. My startup mantra is “make new mistakes” and I’m passionate about sharing my learnings to help other companies.


I want to find my people.

That’s what I told everyone 7 years ago when I moved from Sydney to San Francisco, without a job or knowing a single person.

It wasn’t just the startup dream I was chasing. I wanted to be part of a dream team.

But when I had 1:1s with the founders I worked for, I kept hearing the same feedback. They believed my bar for being part of an exceptional team was too idealistic.

The thing is, startup founders are often idealistic. They’re idealistic about the market. Idealistic about revenue goals. Idealistic about OKR targets. 

The irony is, I’m a pragmatist when it comes to these things! But there’s one thing I will never stop being idealistic about – team.


In my view, setting the bar for your team is the most crucial move a startup can make. And yet, so many founders compromise on it. I've experienced the consequences firsthand in two early-stage B2B startups, witnessing their growth from 10 to over 100 employees post Series A.

I believe scaling should be seen as 'spreading excellence.' If it's not present from the start, it can't be manufactured later. Throughout my career, I’ve been the first UX designer, product manager, and product marketer. And all the while, I’ve fought for the best team possible.

After seven years in the Bay area, I took a one-year sabbatical in April of last year to travel, spend time with friends and family and develop a vision for the next stage of my career. As I gear up to return to work, my desire to find (and help build) a dream team is stronger than ever.

I’m interested in using my learnings to help Series A enterprise software companies position themselves to their best-fit customers as early as possible, generate repeatable demand and actually execute their long term roadmap vision. 

I'm looking for an exciting B2B Pre-Series A startup I can spend the next 10 years with. With a founding team who: 

  • Has deep domain expertise in the problem they are trying to solve (ideally they’ve experienced it themselves)

  • Is building a magical product (you want to be 10x better than any incumbent) 

  • Won't compromise on the bar for team

If you're building this kind of startup, or know someone who is, I'd love to connect – LFG.

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